Sober Elegance

With areas ranging from 73m2 to 133m2, one and two-bedroom typologies are available. Villa Sofia was designed to be a functional and elegant pied-à-terre, where interior and exterior dialogue in perfect harmony.

Its classic lines, without excess nor superfluous accessories, mean that every aspect of Villa Sofia has been carefully thought out, with everything fulfilling its purpose. The aim is just one: to offer you the ideal space for life

The interiors are signed by Rebecca Leon, renowned Designer who also lives in Cascais – guarantee of a perfect match between the apartments and their location.

      Floor Area – 131,77 m2

  1. Bedroom – 17,13 m2
  2. Bathroom | Suite – 5,50 m2
  3. Bedroom II – 16,90 m2
  4. Bathroom | Suite II – 7,70 m2
  5. Bathroom II – 2,25 m2
  6. Living Room | Kitchen – 58,35 m2
  7. Terrace – 23,94 m2
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Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 14, 5º
1050-121 Lisboa



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